Architecture Photography: Beauty of Interior and Exterior Designs

The Beauty of Architecture Photography.

Indeed, photography serves as a voice to express the artistic stance of the architect at that time. Architectural Photography takes a step further to interpret the design in several ways. What used to be an accurate portrayal of the structure has now gradually evolved into a manipulation of different perspectives to bring out the interesting elements of a single structure. The art of photographing architecture takes on many forms. Whether it is photographing the exterior or interior, many awesome images can be resulted with the correct techniques and more importantly, the observant eye to spot the different points of view.

 Architectural-Exterior-john-trigiani-cottage -architecture photography

Like other types of photography, what lies ahead is always a series of challenges for photographers before an excellent shot is taken. However, there are two main challenges in architecture photographyLighting and Image distortion. When photographing the exterior, natural lighting is all you have got and you have to capture the building at its most glamorous moment. Image distortion occurs when the building has lines running horizontally and vertically and they appear distorted. The right equipment and the right angles would prevent that pitfall.

 architecture photography

Interior architecture with repeating patterns and geometric shapes is a bonus to photographers. Employing the use of different camera angles would reveal the beauty of these designs. Architecture with unique and unusual structures also tend to catch our attention. We can’t help but start to ponder how it was made (or maybe built) possible. This is when Architectural Photography comes into play as it does justice to impressive architecture. Our goal as the photographer is help create a realistic, true representation of what it must be like to actually be there.

architecture photography-Interior-john-trigiani-Family-room

You probably haven’t seen all the architectural design in the entire globe, so we shall bring you bits of the world. Here is a collection of architecture photography that will keep you bedazzled. If you are amazed at these images, your jaws will drop in awe when you get to see the real McCoy.

 architecture photography-Interior-john-trigiani-master-bedroom