10 Signs That You Might be An Interior Designer

Should you become an interior designer ?

Maybe you should be an Interior Designer, if you hate your job, then you are among 70% of the populous. According to Gallup there are many more people unhappy with their career choice than those that are happy. That’s a staggering statistic!

If you are part of the 70% that are miserable at work, you might want to consider a career change. Not sure what career choice is right for you? Well, we have a little list of observations that will show you that a career in interior design might be right for you.

Designers/decorators are creative yet logical thinkers who understand what it takes to pull a room together into a cohesive, beautiful and most importantly, functional space. Do you have the unique mind of an interior designer; the mind that is capable of sheer artistry combined with ultimate logic?

If so, perhaps you should read our top ten signs that you should be a designer:


#1  You Obsess About Decorating Details

Most of the pins on your Pinterest boards have titles such as ‘bedroom ideas’,  ‘kitchen backsplash’ and ‘bathroom tiles’—sound familiar?

Do you find yourself looking at the rooms in your friends’ and family members’ homes, thinking, ‘why did they choose those knobs, they should have gone with gold accents as opposed to silver’? And then you say it out loud— Oops!

If you spend time fantasizing about room arrangements and new decor solutions, then perhaps the field of design is right for you.

#2 You Rearrange Furniture Incessantly

Do you constantly find yourself in need of a heating pad for your aching back because you shifted your master bedroom furniture around for the umpteenth time this month?

Are your kids constantly asking you where their stuff has gone? Or, is your spouse missing their favorite chair because you have decided in fits better in the basement?

If your loved ones walk into a room and think, “Did I walk into the wrong home?”, interior design might be the career choice for you. Furthermore, if after six months – or less – you are rearranging the living room yet again, you may seriously want to begin looking into interior design schools in your area.


#3 Friends Ask You For Decorating Ideas

If people ask for your decorating advice, then consider it the ultimate compliment— and the ultimate sign that you have the creative eye required for a job in interior design.

Are your friends coming to you each time they want to change something in their home’s interior? Do they ask your opinion on what color or material they should get for their next set of window treatments?

When your friends mention that they are remodeling or are building a new space, you tempted to send them design ideas, complete with fabric swatches, flooring samples, and paint swatches. If you are readily nodding your head, then we think you may have found your new career choice.

#4 You Try To Save Every Decorating Dilemma

Every community has one—a local building that is a complete eye sore; It’s falling apart and everyone is petitioning to have it taken down—except you.

If you have the ability to see the potential in the most ramshackle looking house when everybody else thinks it’s a waste of time, then you may be headed down the right track to nurturing your own potential in interior design.

It’s possible that you not only ‘see’ the potential in a community eye sore, but you head straight to your community’s council to try and save the space. You may even find yourself bidding on auction houses just to flip them and turn them from beast to beauty.


#5  You Know More Colors Than A Crayon Box

Not only do you know what the primary colors on the color wheel are, you also know what colors are complementary, what colors are tertiary, and what colors are analogous.

You know what colors look best together, what colors should never be put together, and most importantly, you know how color can affect the mood of a space.

And of course, you are the only one who can give a full explanation of what the difference between greige and beige is, as well as which colors work best with each.

#6 Home Improvement Staff Know You By Name

We bet your shopping list is full of materials for your next do-it-yourself project (and not groceries). We also bet the staff at the local improvement stores know you by name.

Interior designers are creatures of creativity and it’s hard to stop them from dreaming of their next design creation.

So, if you catch yourself helping others choose paint in the paint aisle, then perhaps you need to get paid for your opinions.


#7 A Trusty Toolbox Is Always At Your Side

Male or female, an interior designer is a do-it-yourselfer at heart and they always have a trusty toolbox at the ready.

If your purse or briefcase is full of measuring tools and color swatches (and lacks the things a ‘normal’ person in your profession carries), you might want to think about how you can turn that briefcase into a design portfolio.

Find the career that allows you to carry a sketch pad proudly as you walk around with a tape measure draped around your neck, so that you are always prepared to measure windows, see what size couch will fit, and how the appliances will fit into the new kitchen layout you’ve designed.

#8 Refinishing Furniture Is A Passion

Shopping for furniture is a pastime of yours. You love the lines, and the possibilities of turning an old relic into something new with a splash of paint or a few sandpaper scrapes.

You often pick up old, worn down furniture, such as benches, tables, and chairs, to bring them home and work on them in your spare time, even if it means the laundry piles up or supper comes from a drive-thru on a regular basis— you must see the finished product.

When you are done creating something new and spectacular out of something old, you rearrange the living room furniture – again – just so that it fits.


#9 Always On The Hunt

Many women and men go out shopping, and yes, some consider it a sport, but your idea of shopping is slightly different.

You are so committed (and perhaps obsessed) with finding the ‘next big piece’ that you often find yourself browsing furniture showrooms on lunch breaks, or suddenly pulling over to the side of the road when you see a flea market.

Scoring antique desks, unique shelving units, and one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures gives you a thrill like no other.

#10 You Know Your Fabrics

The rule of three, accordion fold, arabesque, chifferrobe….have any of these words been on your lips recently?

Designers also know their fabrics. Everybody has heard of the terms cotton, wool, linen, velvet and microfiber. However, an individual born to be a designer has a more in-depth knowledge into the world of fabric.  As opposed to being confused at the words lenpur and lyocell , you know exactly what they mean.

Furthermore, you know where and how these materials are best used when designing a home. Does any of this sound like someone you know?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, or can agree to any of these statements, then it is quite possible that you were born to be an interior designer, but until now, you have possibly chosen the incorrect career path. Don’t be that 70 % who regret their career choice.

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Nurture your potential and become what you were born to be. Do you think you were destined to design?