Custom Business Photography vrs Stock images

Clients will identify with your custom business photography

Not only will having custom business photography on your website give you a more professional look, it also helps connect you to your audience. Clients appreciate the effort and extra details they will get when custom business photographs are used instead of paid stock photography (also, it’s usually illegal to use random photos you find on Google, so be careful). Show clients what your business is really about, what it looks like and who you are with custom business photography!

business photography john trigianiPhoto sessions can range between 30 minutes and 5 hours depending on what you need. They are done as organically as possible, meaning I prefer to photograph your business in action with attention to details. From the personal corporate head shots, to the “Environmental Portraits” which are my favorite to the ‘businesses in action’ photos! My style is very natural feeling, real life, and I also like to be as unobtrusive as possible, a fly on the wall with a camera.

This idea came to mind when I updated my website last year. I thought it would be cool to feature local like-minded businesses monthly, complete with photographs and a full blog post. Because of the amount of time and work involved, it never really took off, but from browsing local websites, I quickly realized how many small to mid sized businesses are lacking quality photography. I really like photographing local businesses and helping spread the word about what they offer, what they bring to the table, their individuality. I feel strongly that every business needs to make their online presence as professional looking as possible.


When they see your business online, the look and feel of your cool decor, the owner & staff and attention to detail you put into your business. The potential client has real a feeling for your company, so when they walk in, they recognize it and the people there from your website. Not some stock image of a plastic person on a white background or close up of a generic object. You need custom photography to personalize your website, it’s the best investment you’ll ever make marketing your brand. Like your logo or business card, your custom business photography is a must, stock images are oh so 2000’s.

If you own a business and would like to have me professionally photograph your business, decor, lobby, office, staff and over all capture your business for your website or social media, contact me and lets talk about it 🙂