Interior Design Ideas for 2015

Interior Design Ideas for 2015

The modern interior decoration trends 2015 is all about the reinvent of the classy interior design ideas, about luxury, having versatility is furniture design, serenity, modern home design ideas, and creative recycling.

These design ideas for 2015 include retro, the classic, and the contemporary design ideas, its more about amalgamation of the traditional and with the modern, creating fresh decorating colors, fusion of the traditional and new materials, ethnic décor patterns, blend of textures, exotic motifs, artistic details, along with indigenous decoration patterns.


Master bedroom designed by Parkyn Design. Sunny day in Mississauga.

The home decoration trends is about creating modern interiors yet having the contemporary designs, ideas such as gilded antiques, accents in velvet, silk or carved wood, which are mixed with industrial metal details. This will look stylish, unique and original. The home design trends that reflects desires to establish vivid and unique way of creating the bold interior design statement, which will create an interesting living space which has a personality to reflect.

The residential design trends 2015 is about incorporating the stylish fashion trends, consumes trends, bring in innovations and versatility, like an unexpected solutions to styling of modern designs and the home furnishings.

The interior design trends is fascinating blends of the traditional materials, prints, shapes, decorating ideas, with the latest products, into rich room colors which are like artistic brushstrokes, that brighten world of interior design in home decorating.

As mentioned the 2015 trends is about celebrating the personality, versatility, serenity. Creativity will be to make a unique character, charming details, which are becoming important trends for homes, hotels, offices, and public spaces.

Elegance, sophistication, showcasing individuality, and innovation in the architecture, and interior designing are the interior trends 2015 is what the experts are saying.

The modern interior trends of 2015 are:

Fusion of the materials, styles and decoration patterns:

In the décor of the room you can create stylish, at same time comfortable and interesting living space by connecting the old and fresh that is mixing old and new interior design ideas. Examples: softly curve lines, natural interior decorating color schemes, organic shapes, stunning accents which will change interior décor of home drastically.

Modern decorating materials:

The modern decorating materials include:

Salvaged wood, metal, stone especially the rustic wood, exotic type wood, warm glowing gold metal, or majestic bronze, luxurious marble and elegant granite.

Modern interior design colors:

Pleasant room colors which are natural, soft pastels, set off with shades of gray colors, or soft black, creamy white etc. the interior trends 2015 have listed rich blue colors and deep purple color, mauve with mustard yellow, as modern color interior design trend.

Natural themes and organic designs:

Go organic, go eco friendly, go Green, that is include green spaces with large windows, glass wall design, indoor water features, nature inspire décor, room color, bright fabric prints, floral designs, vibrant paint colors, that is bring natural theme into modern décor.

Modern ideas incorporating retro styles:

It will bring in exciting and fresh combination of the rustic and the retro style which will be classy, give romantic interior design, making you home décor as gorgeous, inviting and functional. Examples are:

White and black geometrical prints or posters

Chalk drawing

Handwritten letters or meaningful words on painted walls